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Global poverty can be described as the situation whereby people lack the basic human needs required for survival. The most basic ones will include food, shelter and clothing. In some cases some may be acquiring these but if they don’t have access to education, clean water, health and proper nutrition they may still be considered to be affected by global poverty. You cannot consider global poverty as a moral issue since it is as result from government’s poor measures and policies that only favor those leading in the government.

Global poverty is really affecting people and the following are some of the sad facts about it. Almost half of the world’s population that is over 3 billion people live on less than 2.5 while about 1.3 billion cannot afford to spend more than 1.25 dollars daily. It is worse that over 22000 children die daily from poverty related factors. Similarly, over I billion people cannot access clean drinking water, about 870 million cannot afford enough food to eat, over 165 million children are under developed since they don’t have proper nutrition, and worst of them all is that hunger claims the most number of deaths in the world; more than the deaths of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS when summed up.

It is more surprising that we only need about 30 billion to eradicate poverty in the world and this has proved quite a large sum to raise while our governments are easily raising over 530 billion annually to cater for the military’s budget.  I would thank some humanitarian and nongovernmental organizations whose efforts to curb poverty are really encouraging. However they need support from the government as well if we want to curb this menace; that is the governments interests should be aimed in putting an end to poverty.

We also highly encourage volunteers to assist our unfortunate brothers and sisters affected by dire poverty. Similarly aid from developed countries would serve a great help in assisting eradicate the suffering and reducing the numbers of deaths claimed by poverty. Individual assistance is also encouraged where one can be able to help so as to endorse the anti-poverty policy at the basic levels.

Promoting equality too can be of major assistance in fighting poverty. Yes we might put proper economic measures into place but without ensuring equal share it will never be possible to eradicate poverty. If we need to curb poverty, we have to start right from the basic level so as to see global poverty come to an end.

Help from corporations around the world can prove to be a major stepping stone in fighting this menace for they help in improving resources. If they encourage peace, people will achieve an environment which is safe to work in and earn a living so as to support their families. They can also offer jobs to the people which will see them earn money to purchase the necessary requirements they need. Similarly if these corporations reduce the cost of goods and services they offer, the people will be in a position to access products they could not get before.