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Lung cancer can be said to be the most dreadful and the highest rated killer cancer in the world; hence lung cancer awareness plays a great role to bring awareness to the people. This is an official campaign held in the month of November each and every year with the intention of informing the public on the dangers of lung cancer and on how to prevent themselves from succumbing to the disease. Most people all over the world join hands during this event to write articles, hold walks and runs, hold fundraisings, update statuses on face book, purchase t-shirts, ribbons and hats all to mark the lung cancer awareness. They also issue proclamations intended to bring awareness to the public about lung cancer.

All these ways help in putting the lung cancer menace into light. You will find that almost in each and every country there will be events held to mark this day. Information is spread through the media and the public as well on how to fight the disease. The public contribute to fundraisings aimed to help the lung cancer victims and also to fuel the project. Funds are also raised by selling t-shirts and ribbons which are white in color during this entire month.

These white ribbons act as a major symbol to depict the lung cancer awareness. They are used by individuals to show their total support of the lung cancer victims and their readiness to fight the disease. People share personal stories regarding the disease in the media, social sites or in personal levels so as to encourage others who might be losing hope and this helps reduce stigma. Support from corporate organizations is a major help for they aid in purchases of drugs given to the lung cancer victims.

The most complicated issue about lung cancer is that it cannot be diagnosed in its earlier stage. It also has varying symptoms from person to person depending on its location or how big the tumor is. It might take even longer than a year for the symptoms to start showing; now the cancer would have reached its mature stage.

It is a very hard task to contain lung cancer even after it has been detected. Thus lung cancer awareness campaigns are aimed to tell people how to avoid contracting this disease and prevent the problems right from the start, encouraging people to stop living the lifestyles which are most likely to lead to lung cancer. Examples of these include quitting smoking cigarettes and drugs like bhang. They also put it very clear that contracting lung cancer is not a matter of bad luck; it depends on how you live your life. They also provide the public with preventive measures to those who are affected to prevent excessive growth of the tumor and replication of the cells as well.

Advocates also make every effort they can to ensure that any person suffering from the disease gets correct information and easy access to treatment with their own decisions about the treatment being the first considerations. Thus they visit almost each and every hospital and health care talking to cancer victim all through this campaign.